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  • Lunazul Reposado Tequila 750ml
    SKU: 96749908042

    Occasionally, life demands a pause. Try our 100% agave tequila that’s rested in bourbon barrels for smooth, rich flavor.

  • Lunazul Blanco Tequila 750ml
    SKU: 9674908035

    This is tequila in its wildest, most natural state, crystal clear and un-aged, allowing its 100% agave flavor to take the lead.

  • Lunazul Añejo Tequila 750ml
    SKU: 96749908585

    Warm and clean as the Jalisco sun, our 100% agave tequila is aged in bourbon barrels for 12 to 18 months.

  • Lunazul Double Barrel Reposado 2016 Tequila 750ml
    SKU: 96749001330

    Reserva Especial 2016

    Rittenhouse Rye Barrel Finish

  • Lunazul El Humoso Smoked Blanco Tequila 750ml
    SKU: 96749031641

    ‘The smoked one’ uses cooked mesquite wood, smoked agave along side fresh Weber Blue Agave – smoked to perfection.

  • Lunazul Primero Añejo Tequila 750ml
    SKU: 96749000371

    For those that howl a little differently. Our Anejo tequila is aged in American white oak barrels for 18 months.

  • Lunazul Extra Aged Añejo Tequila Elijah Craig Barrel Finish
    SKU: 96749002771


    The Father of Bourbon & 100% agave, hand-harvested and hand-crafted for those with a hunger for life, because he was the first to char oak barrels. That was just the beginning.


  • Lunazul Double Barrel Reposado Tequila 750ml
    SKU: 96749001026

    Reserva Especial 2015

    Wheated Bourbon Barrel Finish