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  • Lohin Mckinnon 150th Anniversary Lightly Peated Malt Rye Whisky 750ml

    The Lohin McKinnon 150th Anniversary Edition started its journey in 2013; the same year Central City opened its distillery. From the first days, carefully selected barrels were set aside to age leading up to Canada’s landmark birthday. Canada has a long history of Scottish influence woven into the fabric of our amazing country. By creating this unique combination of Lightly Peated and Malted Rye, we pay tribute to that joined heritage.

  • Lohin Mckinnon Tequila Barrel Finished Whisky 750ml

    Finished in premium tequila barrels, this handcrafted single malt whisky takes on a unique flavour profile inspired by the spirit of Mexico. Taking roasted agave sweetness and toasted oak richness from best in class tequila barrels and melding it with the smooth Lohin McKinnon flavour makes this a distinct and internationally inspired Canadian whisky.

  • Lohin Mckinnon Vqa Black Sage Vineyard Collaboration Whisky 750ml

    This smooth and refined Canadian single malt whisky was aged in bourbon casks, then finished for 6 months in VQA Black Sage Vineyard™ Pipe wine barrels, to add a rich, complex, and locally-inspired collaboration release.

  • Lohin Mckinnon Peated Whisky 750ml

    Notes of earthy smoke add depth to this hand-crafted single malt whisky. The Lohin McKinnon Peated Whisky is a tribute to classic Scottish style with authentic Canadian craftsmanship.

  • Lohin Mckinnon Chocolate Malt Whisky 750ml

    Crafted with highly kilned chocolate malted barley, this Lohin McKinnon limited edition single malt whisky exudes notes of vanilla and chocolate. Aged in French Sauternes wine barrels, it builds with a complex dark fruit character and mild sweetness.

  • Lohin Mckinnon Niagara Wine Barrel Whisky 750ml

    This limited edition whisky spent its final six months in ex-wine casks from the Niagara escarpment. VQA red wine barrels add to the colour and complexity of the single malt. Rich flavours sourced from the wine tannins and oak complete this whisky that began its life in ex-bourbon barrels.

  • Lohin Mckinnon Thomas Haas Cocoa Aged Whisky 750ml

    Aged with cocoa from Vancouver’s renowned chocolatier Thomas Haas, this Lohin McKinnon Collaboration single malt whisky offers notes of bitter chocolate, subtle sweet spices, and vanilla. Exceptional cocoa adds depth and richness to this premium single malt.

  • Lohin Mckinnon Single Malt Whisky 750ml

    Matured in premium oak barrels, this smooth and refined small batch Whisky is made from the finest Canadian Malted Barley and Pure B.C. water.