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  • Kilchoman Machir Whiskey
    SKU: 892032044141

    Machir Bay, our signature peated single malt, is a vatting of Kilchoman matured in both bourbon and sherry casks. Named after Islay’s most spectacular beach, the high proportion of bourbon barrels create a distinct balance of classic Islay character and fresh floral complexity.

  • Kilchoman Sanaig Whiskey
    SKU: 892032044141

    Sanaig, named after an inlet on Islay’s rugged Atlantic cost, is a vatting of Kilchoman matured in both sherry and bourbon barrels. This sherry cask scotch whisky is matured in a high proportion of oloroso barrels, imparting a balance of dried fruits, dark chocolate and rich peat smoke into the spirit.

  • Kilchoman Am Burach 2020 Scotch Whiskey 750ml 1

    A somewhat complicated nine year maturation, a vatting of bourbon and sherry matured Kilchoman combined with port cask matured (mistakenly), then a further bourbon barrel maturation ahead a six month finish in ruby port casks.

  • Kilchoman Loch Gorm 2020 Scotch Whiskey 750ml

    This, the 2020 edition of Loch Gorm is a vatting of 21 oloroso sherry butts from 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011.

  • Kilchoman 2019 Str Cask Matured Scotch Whiskey
    SKU: 892032044868

    A total of 43 STR (shaved, toasted and re-charred) casks filled in 2012 were selected bottled at a strength of 50% abv, the first release of its kind from Kilchoman.