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  • J.j. Pfister Distilling Organic Vodka 750ml
    SKU: 85458800712

    A classic spirit distilled at a premium level.

    J.J. Pfister Vodka is a certified organic craft spirit made from the best local Sacramento Valley ingredients.

  • J.j. Pfister Distilling Navy Strength Rum 750ml

    ”True to the style, Navy Strength Rum is made from organic blackstrap molasses offering the most intense molasses flavor possible.

    After aging in charred new American oak barrels to impart hints of vanilla, coffee, and cinnamon, we mellow JJ’s Rum a few additional months in used wine casks and then bottle at 114 proof.”

  • J.j. Pfister Distilling Drakas Honey Spirit 375ml

    ”Drakas is a unique spirit distilled from organic honey that was aged in oak barrels.

    Leveraging a classic whiskey making process, Drakas is simply a spirit you have to taste to believe.”

  • J.j. Pfister Distilling Eau De Vie Pear Brandy 375ml

    Leveraging the French Calvados method – with organic pears sourced from Greene and Hemley Orchards in Cortland, California, the pear capital of the world, we process the fruit at the peak of ripeness for full flavor and quality.

  • J.j. Pfister Distilling Apple Brandy 375ml

    Distilled from four varieties of organic apples from the local region of Courtland, California,  Apple Brandy is truly a unique spirit to be shared with friends and families.

  • J.j. Pfister Distilling London Dry Capitol Gin 750ml
    SKU: 85458800701

    ”Hand-crafted, and artfully infused, Capitol Gin is made from locally sourced Sacramento Valley grains and 9 highly curated botanicals.”

  • J.j. Pfister Distilling High Rye Bourbon Whiskey 750ml
    SKU: 85458800720

    ”This special, hand-crafted Straight Bourbon Whiskey offers notes of butterscotch, leather, creme brulee, cherry pie, and dark chocolate and is guaranteed to soothe the heart and warm the soul.”

  • J.j. Pfister Distilling Rye Whiskey 750ml
    SKU: 85458800721

    ”After choosing distilled spirits from Indiana, our distillers used their impeccably trained palates to artfully blend a superb Rye Whiskey. The result is a classic spirit with a balanced mouth feel and notes of rich holiday spices, cherry, and banana bread. While we prefer to drink it neat or on the rocks, we must admit it can also be enjoyed in amazing craft cocktails.”