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  • Ischia Sapori Rucolino Alla Rucola Amaro 750ml

    This bitter islander liqueur is an excellent end meal drink. It owes its characteristic taste to the use of the wild “Ruchetta” that grows on the island of Ischia, Procida and Ventotene. The leaves give a particular aroma and a strong and marked taste. A typical bitterness on the nose.

  • Ischia Mandarino Dell Etna Amaro 750ml

    The recipe, which includes bitter orange peel, licorice and vanilla, calls for more than 26 all-natural ingredients, many of which thrive in the soil at the base of Mount Etna. The herbaceous blend is macerated and then matured for two months, emerging bittersweet, bright and balanced. Full of tart rhubarb and spiced with cinnamon, this amaro finishes with a smoky minerality that harkens back to its volcanic origins.

  • Ischia Citrange Limone Dell Etna Amaro 750ml

    Made from herbs, sugar, and the peel of the ’Zagara Bianca’ lemon. The orchards are hand harvested in October once the fruit is ripe. Fragrant notes of lemon, green herbs, and candied lemon peel. On the palate there is an intense burst of smooth and tangy flavors.