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  • Friedrichs Ginger Gin Liqueur 750ml

    This is a liqueur with the incomparable taste of Friedrichs Dry Gin combined with the pungent aroma of ginger.

    The combination of the particularly mild dry gin with the spicy-tart aroma of ginger makes this liqueur a very special taste experience. We recommend to serve Friedrichs Gin Liqueur Ginger neat or with tonic.

  • Friedrichs Grapefruit Gin Liqueur 750ml

    Friedrichs Gin Liqueur Grapefruit is a liqueur on the basis of Friedrichs Dry Gin, to which the flavor and aroma of pink grapefruit has been added.

    The smooth taste of Friedrichs Dry Gin combined with fruity-tart notes of grapefruit, rounded off by a gentle sweetness turns the German gin into a summery liqueur that can be enjoyed neat or mixed with tonic. This makes the German-produced gin a summery liqueur that can be enjoyed neat or combined with tonic.

  • Friedrichs Dry Gin 750ml.

    Friedrichs Dry Gin with 45% vol. comes from the traditional gin and juniper distillery Steinhagen. It is lovingly handcrafted and produced only as small batches. Distilled 3 times, this gin is based on juniper berries and other multifaceted botanicals, craftsmanship and juniper tradition in a new and modern guise.

    Friedrichs Dry Gin is a “London Dry Gin”, which is distilled in a copper pot still in Steinhagen using the skills developed in 250 years of juniper tradition. This gives Friedrichs a particularly soft taste. No artificial flavors or colorants are used in the production of Friedrichs Dry Gin.