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  • Fratelli Vergnano Maraschino Liqueur 750ml

    Maraschino Vergnano is made with marasca cherries distillate according to an ancient recipe handed down.

    Clear, relatively dry cherry notes with a subtle bitter almond flavor conferred by the inclusion of crushed cherry pits in the production process.

  • Fratelli Vergnano Fragola Liqueur 750ml

    Fragola liqueur is made with Organic Strawberry juice, organic cane sugar, organic wheat alcohol. No artificial flavors, no added color, no GMOs.


  • Fratelli Vergnano Cioco Liqueur 750ml

    Cioco is made by blending unique herbs and citruses extract.
    The artichoke plant combined with orange and bitter provides an herbal bittersweet features.
    ​Cioco is an Italian artichoke liqueur known for its versatility and distinctive flavor.
    Cioco gives a “pungent” note to cocktails and it is ideal as pre or post dinner drink.


  • Fratelli Vergnano Arancino Liqueur 750ml

    Arancino Vergnano liqueur is made with simple ingredients: Organic wheat alcohol (vodka), organic blood orange juice, organic blood orange peels extract and organic cane sugar.

    The blend of organically grown oranges (Moro, Sanguinello e Tarocco orange variety) provides a refined, vibrant and yet elegant note to Arancino liqueur.


  • Fratelli Vergnano Limonino Liqueur 750ml

    After a ride on my tri bike, thirsty with a dry mouth, I decided to find rest in my back yard, right by a mature lemon tree.
    As I started pouring water into my glass, I have noticed a limonino “small lemon” right at my eye level.
    ​Soon enough, I pluck the lemon, dice it and squeeze it directly into my glass. With a knife I cut a ¼ inch lemon wedge which I used to garnish the glass.
    All I was missing at this point in time was vodka to give it a kick. The drink was served. Perfetto!

  • Fratelli Vergnano Mirtillo Liqueur 750ml

    Mirtillo Vergnano liqueur is made with organic blueberry juice, organic vodka, cane sugar and natural flavors.

    Perfect over gelato!