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  • East London Gin

    It’s called a classic for a reason. Our London Dry Gin combines notes of citrus and juniper, ending in a bold, spicy finish. Perfect in the kitchen, on the couch, or for those virtual after-work drinks.

  • East London Rye Whiskey 750ml

    MEET OUR 2020 EDITION. Team tasting notes on this one vary from candied orange peel, sour cherry candies, toffee apples, chilli peppers, and even one ‘desk drawer, but in a good way’. What we all agree on is that we think this one’s delicious, however it’s served.

    42% malted rye, 58% malted barley

  • East London Single Malt Whiskey 750ml

    Meet our 2021 take on a single malt. Smells of ripe pineapple, oatmeal biscuits, peanut brittle, and a hint of cigar box and tastes of stewed apples, allspice, honeysuckle, and even a few Szechuan peppers.

    This battle for flavour supremacy is a delicious win for you, whether you drink this neat, on the rocks, or in an Old Fashioned. This is your whisky. However you drink it, just don’t let it gather dust on the shelf.

    100% malted barley from Norfolk, aged in a combination of regenerated French oak, red wine, Sonoma Rye and Bourbon, Kentucky Bourbon, and London Rye® casks.

  • East London Rum 750ml

    Guaranteed to bring a tropical buzz to the drizzliest of days.

    This rum’s roots run through three iconic Jamaican distilleries. So, trust us when we say it’s got full fruity depth you’re looking for.

    This is now your rum. Drink it neat or tame the funk. Just do your worst with it.

  • East London Louder Gin 750ml

    Your drink won’t know what hit it. Oily, herbaceous and has a ferocious savoury punch (and freshened by a little lavender), this gin might seem mild-mannered, but add it to your negroni, g&t or red snapper and you’ll soon understand.

  • East London Brighter Gin

    Kicking things off with a major hit of grapefruit, the flavours quickly build towards sweet spice and dry, tannic notes. Excellent in your dry martini, phenomenal in a g&t, and moreish in your gin sour.

  • East London Kew Gin 750ml

    Introducing our collaboration gin with Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. This is our shout-out to the plants and pollinators who make the botanicals in our gin possible. Bright Douglas fir and fresh, floral lavender are rounded out by sweet orange peel and earthy liquorice root and fennel seed, hitting all the right notes on your palate.