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  • Sluricane Blue Lagoon 12 750ml E 40 Cocktail

    40 proof Blue Lagoon is a popular cocktail made with blue curacao flavor, vodka, and other delightful properties and components

  • Earl Stevens Tropiscato 12 750ml E 40 Wine

    This unique blend denotes natural tropical flavors that is perfect chilled or over ice! Made by Earl Stevens, also known as E40, sourced the highest quality grapes in California.

  • Earl Stevens Prosecco 12 750ml E 40 Wine
    Earl Stevens Selections Prosecco DOC Extra Dry cuvee was selected for its lively bubbles with candy-like aromas of butterscotch and lemon soda. The ideal partner with appetizers and delicate fish, white meats and fresh fruit and cheese dishes or drink on its own. Produced in Veneto, Italy, this is the perfect Prosecco to share with friends!
  • Tycoon Vs Cognac 12 750ml E 40 Cognac

    ”Sip Tastefully Sahob’s”

  • Tycoon Vsop Cognac 12 750ml E 40 Cognac

    Tycoon Cognac VSOP has hints of confit peach and plum notes on the nose. It delivers toast and vanilla oak note over the palate with a round mouth feel from an exquisite distillate. This all harmonizes and delivers a warm finish with beautifully lingering aromas.

  • Earl Stevens Chardonnay 12 750ml E 40 Wine

    Earl Stevens Chardonnay 12/750ml | E-40 Wine

  • Earl Stevens Prosecco Rose 12 750ml E 40 Wine

    A brilliant Rose color cuve brightened by delicate bubbles with a citrus fruit and flowery scent. Fresh and delicate taste.

  • Earl Stevens Sparkling Mango Peach 12 750ml E 40 Wine

    Earl Stevens Sparkling Mango Peach 12/750ml | E-40 Wine

    12 Pack / 750ml

  • Kuiper Belt 8 Year E 40 Bourbon Whiskey 750ml
    SKU: 86001753417

    Kuiper belt Bourbon is an ultra premium Bourbon Whiskey aged for 8 years for Earl Stevens.  It delivers complexity in layers of aromas of vanilla, honey and caramel all the way through its lingering finish.

    Region: Kentucky, USA

    Blended and Aged by:  Heaven Hill

    Bottled by:  Frank-Lin Distillers
    Mash Bill: 78% Corn, 12% Malted Barley, 10% Rye
    Cask: New American Oak
    Age: 8 Years
    ABV: 45%

Showing 37–45 of 45 results


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