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  • Droptine 12 Point Bourbon Whiskey
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    Droptine’s 12 Point Bourbon is finished in Brandy Barrels.

    Distilled and initially aged in New Charred Oak barrels in America’s Heartland. Our bourbon is then matured exclusively in hand-picked brandy oak casks in California’s Sonoma County. Maturing in brandy barrels in the salt air of the Pacific gives Droptine’s 12 Point an unmatched richness and complexity. A fully matured character, 12 Point delivers rich wood spice and dried fruits and a natural rich gold color.

    Critics have raved about this unique balance of Sweet Corn, toasted oak with fruity and floral notes.

    When matured exclusively in premium brandy casks in California, our rich, fruity spirit is transformed into a one of a kind delicious whiskey meant to be enjoyed by itself.

  • Droptine Premium Vodka 750ml

    What makes our Vodka Premium are the exceptional ingredients combined with a superior process and unrelenting pursuit of something a little better than perfect. We use only two ingredients: pure sweet American corn mash and crisp cold water from the most pristine streams that run through Roscoe, New York, the Catskill Mountain town aptly known as Trout Town, USA.

  • Droptine Persimmon & Apple Moonshine

    While many think of moonshine as a harsh drink, fact is, moonshiners were the original small-batch craft distillers in America. Many of those moonshiners were outdoorsmen who were inspired by nature to create something special.

    These artisans would infuse their moonshine with various sweet fruits that created delicious new spirits. But they were also illegal and their dedication and craftsmanship to making these sweet beverages were never fully enjoyed. Until now, and we’re happy to be the ones to bring back the experience of how amazing a true handcrafted and infused moonshine can be.