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  • Coruba Vintage 2000 Matusalem Rum 750ml

    In the 16th century, the rum trade was equally as profitable as the gold trade.

    A true vintage. Distilled in the year 2000 and stored in oak barrels in Jamaica for 18 years, the Coruba Vintage 2000 Matusalem finally reached Basel. For its completion, this rum matured in sherry barrels from the house of Gonzalez Byass for an additional 18 months. The result is rich notes of vanilla, warm spices, dates, and dried fruits. Matusalem is part of the limited Millennium edition.

  • Coruba Vintage 2000 Pedro Ximenez Rum 750ml

    Due to the consistently high temperatures in the Caribbean, the rum matures approximately three times faster than in Europe, for instance.

    Before the Coruba Vintage PX found its way to Basel it was matured and distilled in oak barrels in Jamaica for 18 whole years. For its completion, this Coruba rum matured in sherry barrels from the house of Gonzalez Byass for an additional 18 months. The result is a strong rum with a light fruity aroma and aromatic wood notes. The Coruba Vintage 2000 Pedro Ximenez is part of the limited Millennium edition.

  • Coruba 18 Year Old Rum 750ml

    When rum matures in a barrel some of the liquid evaporates over time. This is referred to as the angel’s share. In the Caribbean, up to seven percent of a barrel’s contents turn into the angel’s share every year. In cooler climates, the angel’s share is only one to two percent.

    An extraordinary rum made from an exclusive selection of pot still and column still distillates and matured in selected oak barrels for 18 whole years. Plenty of time to develop its special aroma. Another characteristic of this extraordinarily long maturation is that the rum adopts even the most subtle notes of the wood, giving it its smooth and elegant feel.

  • Coruba Cigar 12 Years Old Rum 750ml

    Jamaican rum is known for its strong aroma and its flavor thanks to fruits such as pineapple and overripe bananas. These aromas come from Jamaica’s unique and typical fermentation process.

    The Coruba Cigar 12 Years matures in selected oak barrels for over twelve years. It develops its fine and typical strong rum aroma due to its long maturation. A distillate with a spicy bouquet and a mild and smooth finish despite containing 40 percent alcohol by volume.

  • Coruba Coco Rum 750ml

    The word rum is said to come from the English dialect word rumbullion, meaning an uproar or tumult.

    Finest Jamaican rum distilled using the traditional pot still method, with the addition of pure coconut milk. The coconut exudes a full flavor and complements the taste of the Coruba rum. An integral component of Tiki drinks.


  • Coruba Punch Rum 750ml

    Rum was first distilled in the Caribbean around 1620, making it the world’s oldest spirit.

    Coruba Punch belongs in every bar thanks to its versatility. Its strong, fruity flavor makes it suitable for aromatic cocktails and punch as well as warm drinks such as a rum punch.


  • Coruba Overproof Rum 750ml

    Sailors in the Royal Navy were paid in rum around 1700. The rum was mixed with gunpowder and set alight to test whether it was watered down. If it caught fire, this was proof that the rum had the right strength. The alcohol content of spirits is still referred to as “proof” to this day.

    Potent and strong with a mild, smooth, and full-bodied character. The Coruba Overproof. Ideal for cocktails where you really want to notice the rum. After distillation, this high-percentage rum gets its flavor from being matured in oak barrels for several years.

  • Coruba Seven Years Rum 750ml

    If it says seven years on the bottle then at least seven years will be contained inside, at least when it comes to Jamaican rum. The age of the youngest distillate always appears on the label. Rum producers from the rest of the world calculate the age statement based on the average age of the distillates used, which means that significantly younger essences end up being used for the rum.

    A slower distillation process using the pot still method results in the unmistakable yet typical flavor of this exclusive Jamaican rum. It is matured in the barrel for seven years, making it balanced and smooth yet full-bodied. The right choice for the best cocktails.

  • Coruba White Rum 750ml

    Sugar cane originally comes from Southeast Asia and only found its way to the Caribbean in 1493 with Columbus.

    The Coruba White sugar cane mash reaches its fierce fermentation in Jamaica’s tropical climate. The slow distillation process in small, traditional pot stills subsequently develops a fresh yet subtly sweet note, allowing the distillate to recover the flavor and aroma substances contained in the mash. After being matured, the rum is charcoal filtered, resulting in the smooth, crystal-clear Coruba.

  • Coruba Non Plus Ultra Rum 750ml

    Maturing in wooden barrels not only gives rum its golden color, it also gives it a smoother taste. It can also release various aromas, from roast vanilla and spices to coffee.

    Coruba Non Plus Ultra contains 100 percent Jamaican rum. Ten delicate types of rum ranging from light column still rums to stronger pot stills are responsible for its powerful flavor. Coruba NPU is made using the classic rum method and owes its golden color to partial maturation in small oak barrels. There’s a good reason why NPU stands for Non Plus Ultra.