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  • Castle & Key Roots Of Ruin Gin 750ml

    Eight botanicals, all of them native to Kentucky, and every single one of them given a moment to shine in the finished product.

  • Castle & Key Restoration Rye Whiskey 750ml

    Whiskey takes time. We started this journey in 2014, barreling our first product in 2016. Each year, we’ll select the best barrels from that season and release new batches that highlight different flavor profiles.

  • Castle & Key Sacred Spring Vodka 750ml

    Distillers tend to color inside the lines when making vodka. We’d rather go the other way.

    Sacred Spring Vodka is from scratch, using the limestone rich water from our Springhouse, and the same high quality grains used in our whiskey recipes.

  • Castle & Key Rise 2021 Seasonal Spring Gin 750ml

    Our Rise 2021 Seasonal Spring Gin recipe offers a balance of floral and dark fruit tones.

  • Castle & Key Harvest 2021 Seasonal Gin 750ml

    Our Harvest 2021 Season Gin highlights the notes of fall with tart dark berries, sweet anise, and soft pepper.

  • Castle & Key Rise 2022 Seasonal Spring Gin 750ml

    At Castle & Key, it’s time to reflect on the rebirth of the very ground we stand on: of the old distillery that we’ve restored, and the blossoming fields around it that we now draw inspiration from. This seasonal gin is a testament to the land and to the vibrancy of the harvest, harnessing the spirit of rebirth in a thoughtful selection of botanicals.

  • Castle & Key Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

    Since the beginning, we looked forward to the time that we could share our bourbon with the world. Now, we raise a toast with the first proprietary bourbon to be distilled and released by Castle & Key from the restored grounds of the historic Old Taylor Distillery in nearly five decades.

  • Castle & Key Restoration Rye Single Barrel Whiskey 750ml

    A bottle of Restoration Rye Single Barrel Whiskey doesn’t come from our most consistent barrel. Instead, it showcases the anomaly, the unusual, the interesting


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