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  • Cali Mavericks Doublewood Whiskey 750ml

    The largest surf break off California is called Mavericks. It was first conquered when a one-of-a-kind teenager paddled miles off shore to find the phantom giant waves of California. Common wisdom was that California had no giant waves. But when storm season hit, one young man was certain that he could see giant waves breaking out on the horizon. He grabbed his surfboard, and paddled, alone, miles off shore, and proved that the monster waves were a reality. He followed his vision, and discovered his dream.
    DoubleWood is our high rye bourbon shaped by exposure to two very different varieties of oak. CALI Mavericks DoubleWood Whiskey starts out in charred new American Oak barrels, and finishes with toasted French Oak.

  • Cali Riptide Rye Whiskey 750ml

    Riptide is CALI Distillery’s idea of a perfect small batch Rye Whiskey. It is 93% rye with just enough malted barley to drive the fermentation process. We are so enamored of this mash bill, that we do our best to bottle it as purely as it comes out of the single barrel. Cask Strength, this 118 proof spirit has a beautiful amber color and an earthy overtone.

  • Cali Special Reserve Whiskey 750ml

    CALI Whiskey is a unique California twist on a classic American sipping whiskey. CALI is smoother than a frontier whiskey, but more complex and flavorful than a traditional Kentucky bourbon.

    Flavor is all about aroma and running a distillery is really about how to use raw high proof alcohol to pull the aromas and flavors out of cool stuff. The flavors of CALI Whiskey arise organically from the interaction of the rich corn mash bourbon and spicy rye, mellowed by clean oak and then finished with our own signature blends of herbs, spices and botanicals.