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  • Buzzbox Bloody Mary Cocktails

    You haven’t properly adulted until you’ve sipped a Bloody Mary from a box. Exquisitely rounded and lightly spiced, our cocktails features fresh vegetables, tomatoes, and special seasonings that will make your nose merry. Yes, those are flecks of natural peppercorn, horseradish, and celery salt you see amongst the thick and spicy tomato juice. Let the day begin.

  • Buzzbox Perfect Margarita Cocktails

    We wanted to take you to Jalisco, Mexico, but since that wasn’t practical, we brought it to you in a box. The premium tequila comes from Jalisco and is created by professionals who mean business. Our own hand-crafted triple sec comes next, followed by all-natural lime and citrus. It’s distinguished by a splash of orange.

  • Buzzbox Classic Greyhound Cocktails

    Our adventurous take on this classic cocktail starts and ends with a generous pour of premium vodka. In between we get playful. The sweet, ripe pink fresh grapefruit juice makes it invigorating. Savor each electrolyte-spiked sip.

  • Buzzbox Hurricane Cocktails

    A force of nature that embraces the party. Light and dark rum are vigilantly mixed with actual pineapple and passionfruit juices. The punch comes from our original pomegranate syrup which you’ll find impeccably tart. It is the green, gold, and purple of perfection.

  • Buzzbox Classic Cosmo Cocktails

    Some of your favorite friends are walking contradictions. Shouldn’t your Cosmo be, too? This daring cocktail is both dry and tart. The natural citrus blend both teases and pleases. The ultra-premium vodka is prevalent, making this Cosmo an elegant choice, and rivals anything your most admired mixologist can do.

  • Buzzbox Cuban Mojito Cocktails

    Hola! Meet a true Cuban Mojito. Of course small batch premium silver rum is essential, as is real lime and a hint of pure cane sugar. But this is about the hierbabuena, which is a Cuban mint that is … well, less minty. More refreshing. Sexy even. Be delighted.

  • Buzzbox Whiskey Lemonade Cocktails

    You know that couple who seem not to fit together, but then do perfectly? This is them in a cocktail. Whiskey’s history is honored here, ours is crafted from a blend of corn, rye, and malted barley and aged in handmade, custom charred barrels. The blood orange triple sec is house-made, but what really makes it zing is our own sweet and sour, with a spot of fresh orange juice. Sublime.

  • Buzzbox Long Island Cocktails

    Top-shelf vodka, small-batch rum, and refined gin have an intimate liaison with fresh-brewed black tea and a touch of cola. Those ingredients are all embraced with the best triple sec available. But wait, there’s more: house-made sweet and sour mix. It’s a mesmerizing journey.

  • Buzzbox Lemonade Vodka Cocktails

    What’s that tickling your nose? It’s bright crisp lemonade made from all-natural ingredients. What’s that causing your palate to relax? Highly purified six-times-distilled ultra-premium vodka. What makes it perfect? The well-crafted blending of it all.