Uptown Spirits delivers your favorite liquor, beer, and wine directly to your door. With a large selection of popular spirits and hard to find rare liquors, we are your one stop shop for all your alcohol needs. Whether you are looking for whiskeytequilacognacliqueurrumvodka, or any other type of spirits we got you covered.





Contact us for more info on corporate and large orders. We can custom design a package for you that your recipient’s will love! We will put your whole order together for you, all we need is an Excel sheet with your recipient’s info and we will take care of the rest. With custom colored hand engraving, gift wrap options, and custom greeting cards its no wonder more companies choose us over the competition. 



Uptown Spirits
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Cali C.
Cali C.
Thank you Uptown Spirits for the quick delivery and excellent customer service. I can’t receive alcohol delivery in my state so I shipped it to Georgia. I will pick it up soon.
Morgan L.
Morgan L.
Uptown Spirits did an excellent job at everything.I am seriously impressed with the selection of spirits and how fast they got my order to me.Outstanding work.I definitely found my go to online sprits store.Ya,I’m happy.Thank you Uptown Sprits.For real.
Jeannie Watts - RED SKY Consulting and Staffing C.
Jeannie Watts – RED SKY Consulting and Staffing C.
All’s Well that Ends well!This was a very expensive bottle for a Top Client.He was thrilled when he recieved the gift.Nice selection & Easy to navigate website.My only critique is that you really should email me not call me if you have an update or delay in delivery. I don’t usually answer 800 phone calls.
Mark M.
Mark M.
Y’all always come through and deliver my liquor within a week from Cali to Indiana. I will always rock with y’all and when I’m in Cali I hit up your stores.
Patrick L.
Patrick L.
Product arrived in NJ and in tact, it was well packaged. this is the first time I have bought this product, which came from Norway, and Happy I did buy it. It arrived in the time frame they said it would. would buy from them again, knowing that I can get the Aquavit from them.
Richard S.
Richard S.
Said I would receive a tracking number never did so never knew when ups would show up. After 2 1/2 weeks got my package. They really need to get this shipping in order.
John C.
John C.
I have made three online purchases since December 2021 for bourbon delivery to Naples Florida. I made a mistake on my address for my first delivery and an e-mail to customer service fixed the issue for that and subsequent orders. All deliveries were timely and perfect. I don’t understand the negative feedback about Uptown. Will definitely order again.
Jamie P.
Jamie P.
Everything arrived as ordered. Only thing that could be better would be to shorten the time from placing the ordering to when it actually ships. Order placed on the 15th, didn’t begin shipping until the 21st and didn’t arrive until the 30th. That’s a full 15 days, your site says 5-7days.
Celesta K.
Celesta K.
Firstly, I want to put this out there… I almost NEVER leave reviews regarding service; no matter how good or bad it is. However, I felt it absolutely necessary to comment on my experience with this company. I placed my order on December 15th. For some reason I decided to read reviews AFTER I had already made my purchase. (Backwards, i know..) Anywho, I became REALLY suspicious and discouraged about receiving my package on time; by December 24th.. (it was a Christmas gift) or AT ALL even, because of some of the negative reviews I had read. I emailed the company and asked how long processing would take and when could I expect my package. They immediately (seriously like 10min later) emailed me back stating my order was received and being processed. I’m not kidding you, about 2 hours later they sent an email stating that my order was delivered and provided a tracking number.. (this confused me because how can it be delivered and shipped at the same time) I clicked on the tracking number.. it took me to another site giving details on my orders’ shipping progress; and gave a delivery date of December 17th. I became even more skeptical, thinking, no way it’s arriving 2 days after I made the purchase… (this must be some sort of scam site..) Around 3p.m. December 17th my order arrived to my door, awaiting my signature… in secure packaging as promised. I said all of that to say this.. Trust the process.. mistakes may happen sometimes (with anything in life because no company or person-for that matter-…is flawless) and I will absolutely order again in the future. Uptown spirits superceded my expectations and I hold them in very high regards!!
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